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sufficiency & insufficiency : zero self-indulgence

Imagine being allowed to eat only what is good for you based on your weight?

Imagine a world where you couldn’t find unhealthy foods to eat?

Then imagine what it would feel like not to be overweight & to be in optimum health?

What exactly is freedom? It seems it’s simply the freedom for humans to be & act stupidly.

The world we live in is dominated by marketing via the media with television leading the way.

Imagine what 7+ billion people would want instead of what the plutocrats aka capitalists want who control the airwaves and control human minds?

Humans who live in the wealthiest nations are brainwashed to accept consumption and waste as well as the misfortune of most of the 7+ billion people who live disadvantage lives on the planet earth. Conventional wisdumb is a group think ideology that reinforces lies and deceit and mistaken beliefs.

Is what Americans are used to sufficient? insufficient? adequate? inadequate?

Are humans free? or are they being held captive by a false economic science that promotes inequality and takes await freedoms.

How free is a human to do what they want or what they are most capable of doing? Imagine being able to travel to where your skilled are needed to do what you are best at and enjoy doing most. Imagine that all needs are met and wants are equally available based on sufficiency and adequacy.

Appropriateness is another barometer of well being. What is appropriate is what is good for all life on earth.

Eliminating profit allows for sufficiency, adequacy, appropriateness & true freedom. The fallacies about freedom have created a hypocritical world in which nothing is free of the influence of systems which benefit the few at the expense of the many.

Governments and nations allow the few to take advantage of the many. International organizations such as corporations establish a network of communications amongst the haves while plotting against thee many who are merely consumers in a world of capitalism.

Wants usurp needs and mindless consumption & excessive waste displace what is needed by “the most” to live.


Our network of Websites

Our network is comprised of over 100 ++ websites dedicated to the purposes and causes of Nature.

What exactly does that mean?

Nature is the sole provider of what sustains all life on earth.

Therefore we humans as the sole self-cognoscente species of life on earth must assume the role of caretaker of nature.

The preservation of all life including human life relies on the preservation of nature.

There is no need for want or waste or selfish individuality if all life is treated equally, fairly, intelligently and with justice and freedom for all.

Balance is the ultimate state of what we humans consider happiness.

No wars, no pollution, no needs, no wants, no gains or losses.

Just balance.




Story tellers wanted … your personal experiences and stories … you don’t have to be Ernest Hemingway to tell your stories … we check the grammar & spelling … just write.