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Fill out the submit a new post form and attach your head shot file. We’ll trim & adjust the image size. We will preview your head shot on the site and include your message and link. We’ll notify you by … Continue reading

Introducing HomoSaps.com


Homosaps.com is short for homo sapiens which is the latest and sole current species on earth evolved from the ape family (hominims aka hominids). It’s time to take the “man” out of human and it is also time to homogenize … Continue reading

Coral’s Atlas

Fall 2014 view of Delaware river & Frenchtown nj bridge  OUR primary mission and purpose is to unify 7+ billion human beings and rally them around the causes of nature. Contribute your stories as content to OUR/your network. Your purchases … Continue reading

Banner ads from .05 cents daily – taking reservations


Our network is going to begin offering personal & commercial classified banner ads on a selection of network sites from .05 to .25 cents daily depending on size. Initially planned are 125×125; 200×200; 250×250 ad sizes for individuals and 300×250 … Continue reading

sufficiency & insufficiency : zero self-indulgence


Imagine being allowed to eat only what is good for you based on your weight? Imagine a world where you couldn’t find unhealthy foods to eat? Then imagine what it would feel like not to be overweight & to be … Continue reading

Our network of Websites

Our network is comprised of over 100 ++ websites dedicated to the purposes and causes of Nature. What exactly does that mean? Nature is the sole provider of what sustains all life on earth. Therefore we humans as the sole … Continue reading


models-tattoos-untitled-1227_large-320x480Story tellers wanted ... your personal experiences and stories ... you don't have to be Ernest Hemingway to tell your stories ... we check the grammar & spelling ... just write.